Welcome to How green is my council!

12 March 2015: This site has been hibernating for the past 3 years, due to some creaky technical problems after 9 years of life, and the big question marks over council amalgamations.  But resuscitation is now being planned, now that we know that our 30 Perth metro councils will survive (we think?) and all those wonderful enviro and sustainability officers working hard for our planet from their posts in local government will be able to go on doing their good deeds!  We have a new site currently being built to replace it, with useful new features.  We'll be re-launching the site when that work is done. However the Council surveys are still very readable and the Snapshot chart is accurate as of 3 years ago! So check it out!

HOW TO USE THIS SITE:  YOUR COUNCIL'S RESPONSES to our survey of 2012 are published in full on the site. Click on the 'Councils' button above, and look for your council on the left side, to find its responses to our survey. The SNAPSHOT CHARTS (both for Community and Corporate questionnaires) are intended as quick overviews as to who is doing what. Please note that the green ticks cannot meaningfully be 'scored'; some Q's are not applicable in some areas and some green ticks carry more environmental 'weight' than others. 

Background The HowGreen team believes that every local government has enormous potential to affect - for good or ill - our planet's air, soil, water, biodiversity and climate, from its own patch. Our community group created this site in 2006 (See 'About This Site') as a user-friendly tool for residents, councillors and staff of Perth's metro municipalities  - supporting us all in our efforts to improve the environmental sustainability performance of our Councils. Our aim is to acknowledge Local Government efforts to protect the environment, while also drawing attention to gaps, and (we hope!) to encourage further innovation and best practice.  Also, although policies and strategies are of course essential forerunners of changes on the ground, we have chosen to display ticks only for initiatives that have actually been put into practice. We hope you all make good use of our little site! 

Brenda Conochie for the HowGreen Team at Environment House 125 King William St Bayswater WA, 6053, Tel 92714488